Cutting Costs on Your Kitchen Remodel


kitchen remodelWhile the added benefits in terms of your increased home value and added attraction of a new kitchen cannot be overstated there is quite obviously a major cost involved that cannot be overlooked. The kitchen is typically the most expensive room in the house to have renovated as the costs for both raw materials and labor are expensive. Finding ways to lower the overall cost of doing a kitchen remodel without sacrificing the quality of the project and good house painters Queen Creek can be challenging but also rewarding. You should have the same approach for your bathroom remodel phoenix project. There are a lot of things that can be done to manage and control your costs during a kitchen remodel. This article will highlight ways that you can cut costs when having your kitchen remodeled.

1) Be Careful Choosing a Contractor: There are many different contractors out there and they come in all different shapes, sizes, and price points. Start with a firm budget, sketch out your plans for your kitchen remodel and interview with several different contractors to get price quotes. Compare them and ask if you can have them service your during a down time for some cost savings on the remodel. Choose a contractor at an attractive price but don’t sacrifice quality to do so. If you go too cheap you may end up with ultimately a higher cost for rework and project delays.

2) Find Project Parts that You can Do Yourself: While do it yourself type people are criticized by professionals, there are many small jobs that you can do on your own to help to reduce the ultimate cost of the kitchen renovation. Many people, with some guidance or an instructional video, can replace tiles in your kitchen, add a back splash below your kitchen cabinets, shop for appliances and even install small appliances like microwaves and garbage disposal units. Find job components that you can do on your own and save money on your kitchen remodel. However be sure to not take on too much or get in the way of your contractor.

3) Act As Your Own Project Manager: many people are afraid of acting as there own project manager and hire one contractor who does the entire kitchen remodel. Doing so can be more costly and less effective than acting as your own project manager and hiring various sub-contractors to complete different tasks. Hire an electrician to do appliance installations, a plumber for plumbing work, and have your cabinets installed by specialists. This will often relate to lower costs on your project and also a higher quality end result as your will be using specialists rather than general contractors who may be able to complete all aspects of a project fine, but not efficiently or with great expertise.

kitchen supplies 4) Buying Items in Advance: Raw materials and supplies for your kitchen can be costly and buying them early and with adequate planning can save a lot of money. Research both the major suppliers and manufacturers and see if you buy directly from a manufacturer rather than from a retail store. Perform an online search to see what options are available for you and be prepared early by picking up these discounted components and store them in your house until your kitchen remodeling begins. Examples could be kitchen tiles or appliances or even cabinets.

It is essential to understand the difference between cost and value; Saving money on your kitchen remodeling is important but shouldn’t result in a poor quality construction. Have excess funds available to disperse during an emergency during the modeling so that you can avoid borrowing money at high short term interest rates. Plan in advance and research costs and the quality of the components you are planning on installing into your kitchen so you can balance quality and cost savings.