Remodeling Your Bathroom into a Modern and Luxurious Space


luxurious classic bathroom design minimalistWhen you think about your bathroom you are probably more inclined to think about functionality rather than modernity. The bathroom is often the last place that gets modernized because, if it isn’t broken why fix it?

Many people are finding that the ability to modernize your bathroom when remodeling can not only add to the functionality of your bathroom space but also lead to a more open and beautiful space.You can have check out some useful tips from professionals.This article will provide five ways that you can make your bathroom more modern without losing the functionality needed in your space.

1) Add a Smart Toilet/Bidet: If you visit Japan you will likely see the incredible options for modernity whenever you use the bathroom. Bidets in Japan are equipped right into the toilet seat and have controls for playing music to hide sounds, emit perfumes, various cleaning options, and they even have heated seats. While these options sound as if they wouldn’t be difference makers, many of these features are very nice to have, particularly a heated bathroom seat in the cold of winter. They are also rare outside of Japan and make your bathroom feel special. Add a bidet to your bathroom for an interesting and modern toilet in your home.

2) Get rid of the Clutter: Bathroom spaces that are organized to utilize every last spot of space by filling them up with towel racks and other storage options often feel cluttered and overwhelming. Simplify the bathroom space that you do have by moving non essential items out of the bathroom and into linen closets outside of your bathroom space. This will leave a more open and modern feeling bathroom space that you can actually relax in. With a bathroom remodel remove large cabinets and have smaller in wall cabinets with more open spaces for a more modern approach.

3) A sauna/Jacuzzi: A small sauna or Jacuzzi can be added to your bathroom if you have a little extra space and can add new functionality to your bathroom that can make the space more enjoyable and unique than the simple bath and shower options. A sauna or Jacuzzi can let you truly unwind from the challenges of your daily life and adds a modern touch to your bathroom. Even small units can be space eating so be sure that you have the adequate space in your bathroom for one of these units before installing.

4) A changing room or cosmetic counter: Having an over sized bathroom can make a more interesting overall bathroom space that feels less cluttered. If you don’t have the space in your bathroom try converting nearby closets or expanding into a nearby bedroom to create a truly luxurious space in your home for a makeup counter or changing room that can really modernize the way your bathroom feels.

luxurious chandelier bathroom5) Install Energy Efficient Bathroom Components: The future will be an era that is more energy efficient than we currently are and it is helpful to get ahead of the curve by having energy efficient toilets, shower components and faucets into your bathroom. These modern energy efficient options are not like the models of yesteryear. Modern green faucets and toilets don’t feel low flush in nature and allow you toe joy being green without the annoying side effects.

These are just some suggestions for modernizing your bathroom space. Consider these options before renovating and develop a truly unique bathroom in your home but be sure to do more research and look at pictures of modern bathrooms to see what options are available. Or you can just take a vacation to Japan!