kitchenHere is a bit of trivia for you, when it comes to buying a home what rooms are people most entered in? Well, it turns out most realtors would say that it would be the kitchen and the bathroom. So, the functionality and even the space of the kitchen or the bathrooms can sell houses more so than any other room of the house. For that matter these are also the rooms that can turn us off to the current state of our home in general. So, it is really no surprise that these seem to be the rooms that seem to get remodels the most. There are various types of kitchen and bathroom remodels that can be done and her are a few that consumers consider. You can get some ideas about home remodeling at

Cosmetic Remodel

No doubt many of us have seen those commercials for companies that will redo our bathrooms in less than a day. Some of these companies will also redo the kitchen as well. Basically, this isn’t installing new items, but using the existing ones and placing shells over them to give them a new look. So, basically just a facelift not a functioning redo such as changing out plumbing or even doing a whole new countertop in the case of kitchen or vanity area for the bathroom. These can be nice when someone just wants their bathroom our kitchen to have a newer look, and can cost much less than a complete remodel does and as stated will be done in a fraction of the time.

Complete Overhaul

bathroomAs stated above when it comes to wanting to redo plumbing, electricity, and even overall layout such as expansion this is the way to go. Yes, this form of bathroom or kitchen remodel will cost much more than a cosmetic redo but in the end, a person will have a whole brand new kitchen. The good thing about this one is that unless the room is completely gutted it can be done over time. For example getting the plumbing redone than later the electricity. This one is highly recommended for say wanting to expand the kitchen or bathroom but keep in mind that requires a major gutting of the room itself. It’s also recommended before putting a house on the market. Yes, a home seller may want to live by the code buyer beware when it comes to these rooms, but it would still be a nice gesture to take the time to make sure these rooms are in good condition plumbing and electrical wise before selling.

These are two of the primary types of remodels that are done in kitchens or bathrooms. As far as which option is best for your own home, it’s something an individual has to determine for themselves. We all know our houses better than anyone else and we know full well what problems we face and what we would like to fix, especially in the kitchen or bathroom.