modern kitchen black design kitchen Having an modern kitchen can be an interesting foray into the 21st century home. There are many modern kitchen features which can greatly accentuate your home’s look and lead to a more attractive kitchen space. If your home is undeniably modern you certainly need a kitchen space that matches this look as the kitchen is the showpiece of many homes.

Most current kitchen remodeling attempts that try to capture modern style try to create an open space often by removing a wall and using an center island in a kitchen for extra counter space. Open concept kitchens make your kitchen space and home seem larger and more open and makes it the perfect space for entertaining. Kitchen islands add functionality to your kitchen space and make it easier to cook and have people over for a dinner party or cocktails. Kitchen islands should have sleek and clean marble or quartz tops and breakfast bars or spaces for sitting and eating on the island can greatly add to the modernity of the kitchen, more so than closed dining room tables or breakfast tables outside of a formal dining room. Be sure to add tables and dining rooms that work well this this modern kitchen space particularly if you have an open wall that peers out into your dining or living room.

Wood cabinets and finishes were popular for such a long time but are now no longer in vogue. While wood is still considered to be a high quality cabinet material that is desirable, people are no longer flocking to the look that dark brown wooden cabinets have. Instead, people are increasingly opting for white cabinets made of either painted wood or other composite surfaces. Lighter more cheery kitchen looks with advanced lighting solutions are preferred. However, despite this anti-wood trend, hard wood floors are increasingly popular in home kitchens. These kitchen hard wood floors are commonly bleached a light color and add a rustic but modern feel to a home and make your kitchen feel hip and trendy.

modern kitchen white design kitchen While granite or quartz cabinets are still popular additions to home kitchens and are attractive in modern kitchen spaces, more exotic colors are showing up more frequently in counter tops. Granite is mixed with other stones or dyed and provide attractive and unique and modern looks to home owners. Explore the full spectrum of color options and don’t be afraid for a non-traditional color if it fits into the rest of your kitchen and home.

Finally, many home kitchens are going the route of smart appliances and additives to make the kitchen more modern and interesting to homeowners. Lights that can change colors are being installed in homes and these color changing lights are controlled by remotes or even by your own smartphone. Smart appliances can be set in advance and controlled by smart phones and other electrical devices and provide remote access to your kitchen and allow you to monitor the process of items by temperature gauges and even warn you when food items are about to become overcooked. This can not only add a gimmicky innovation to your modern kitchen but also improve the functionality of your kitchen and the quality of the food it produces.